Meta Earth Service Litepaper

Meta Earth Service
9 min readApr 15, 2022


Edition 1.1

MES Litepaper Edition 1.1

April 15th, 2022


In this paper, we propose the Meta Earth Service (MES) platform. MES is a multi-chain play to earn decentralised application built on Ethereum and Solana, providing users opportunities through utilisation of MES NFTs, veteran project launchpad and the MES token ($MEST).


MES is a multi-chain, community centred dApp with a playable P2E mobile game. The MES community will focus on supporting veterans who have served their respective countries. Support can occur through the launchpad, social channels, community events, or through competitive teamplay on the MES P2E mobile game.


MES has been created with charitability in mind. MES aims to support veterans; through native community launchpad. The launchpad will allow for those who have served, to raise funds for business ventures, or help projects such as prosthetics, therapy etc. Users can decide on which veteran proposals to fund through the MES DAO, voting with $MEST tokens. Through the power of community, MES can create positive change for those who have served for their countries.


The incoming Web3 age provides the platform for all individuals and teams to succeed, regardless of one’s previous experiences and background. MES aims to be at the forefront of this new age. The MES launchpad is designed to encourage veterans to create blockchain / cryptocurrency focused organisations and projects, providing potential investment opportunities to the MES community. Furthermore, veterans can list charitable projects e.g., veteran rehoming, allowing the community to donate to charitable causes.


Through creation of the MES DAO, the project will become entirely community governed. Community members can make and vote for project proposals on the DAO. Furthermore, the MES DAO will determine which projects are approved for launchpad listing. Voting for projects with the MES governance token $MEST. For governance participation users are required to partake in ‘Lock and Load’. Each token locked is one DAO vote.

Lock and Load

For DAO participation users are required to lock $MEST tokens. Upon locking tokens, users can participate in the MES DAO. Each token locked provides users with a single DAO vote. Upon locking, there is a 14-day withdrawal period. This set withdrawal period is to ensure DAO stability and prevent governance manipulation.


$MEST is the governance token of MES. The MES token is an essential component of the MES ecosystem. Through holding $MEST, users can conduct the following:


  • Vote on DAO proposals.
  • Create DAO proposals.
  • Vote on projects targeting launchpad listing.


  • Invest in projects listed on the MES Launchpad through $MEST deposit.

Monetary Transfer

  • Send monetary value to other users with $MEST.

Gameplay Participation

  • $MEST required for game participation.


  • Lock for governance participation.

Additional activities which can be conducted, and other relevant information:


  • $MEST is freely tradeable and can be traded by speculators.


  • Users can farm $MEST to further personal holdings.


  • Users can provide Decentralised Exchange liquidity with official Liquidity Pools, earning a percentage of trading / swap fees.


  • 5% of tokens from MES gameplay pools will be burned.

MEST Token Details

Chain = Ethereum (ERC20)

Planned Wrapped Tokens = Yes — Solana (wMEST)

Token Supply = 10,000,000

Initial Supply = 2,750,000

Token Vesting = Gradual release over 24 — month period.

MEST Tokenomics

With MEST being a decentralised community run project, 80% of the total MEST allocation is for the community.

Team = 10%

Advisors = 10%

IDO = 20%

Farming / Rewards = 30%

Airdrops = 30%

Figure = Token Allocation Visualised

MEST Token Release

MEST has a gradual token release schedule over a 24-month vesting period. Team tokens are locked for 6 months upon launch.

Figure = $MEST Token Release

Meta Earth Service (game)


In the fight for adoption, Earth’s blockchains are fighting for world domination. The world is split between two factions: Ethos and Solos. Both factions want to annihilate the other, claiming total control!

Select your faction and claim Earth, as there can only be one winner…


The MES game is a war, turn based, strategy, mobile application. Players will fight in teams, representing a part of a faction, attempting to reach world domination. Every faction will be split into three forces, Army, Navy, and Air Force, each controlled by a faction player. Factions are decided by the NFT associated with the player account.

The MES game will have two factions:

(1) ETHOS Faction

Faction Overview

Founded in 2014, the Ethos faction once ruled supreme. Taking the world by storm in 2015, Ethos soared in popularity. The leaders shared their ambitious vision, captivating those across the globe. However, in 2016 cracks in the Ethos rule occurred. Civil war occurred, with the faction split in two. Total chaos occurred, although after a hard-fought war, Ethos came out victorious. However, Ethos could not rest for long. In 2018, the faction came under attack by swarms of kitties, cutting communication lines across the country. To tackle faction issues, Ethos moved to a new HQ in London in 2021. Although, by this time many had lost faith in Ethos, founding a new faction.

Now Ethos needs to stamp out this threat, or risk being overthrown…

Faction Details

Associated NFT = Ethereum

Faction Colour = Blue

Team members = 3

Should a user be playing within the Ethos faction, they will play with two other Ethos NFT holders.

(2) SOLOS Faction

Faction Overview

Founded in 2017, the Solos were underground for many years, developing their core ideas from the Ethos civil war of 2016. Identifying issues with Ethos, Solos made themselves known in 2020. However, few took notice of the faction at first, writing them off as just another uprising. However, in 2021 Solos made waves, gaining significant support. With revolutionary communication speeds and ultra-low tax, Solos lured many away from Ethos. With momentum on their side, Solos rapidly expanded their weapons arsenal. Now in 2022 they hold the tools to mount a full-scale overthrow of Ethos.

If Solos wants to overthrow Ethos, the time is now…

Faction Details

Associated NFT = MES Solana

Faction Colour = Green

Team members = 3

Should a user be playing within the Solos faction, they will play with two other Solos NFT holders.

Game Details

Each user will pay 20 wMEST for game entry. Upon entering the game, paid wMEST will enter the game pool. Users will fight until an eventual winner is declared, controlling 100% of the globe. The winning faction will receive 90% of the pool tokens, split evenly across users within the fighting faction. The remaining 10% of tokens will be split as follows:

5% burned

  • Tokens destroyed, removing tokens from the circulating & total supply.

5% faction allocation

  • Tokens sent to faction pool, airdropped to faction NFT holders with the most wins at the end of the month.

Game Conclusion

The MES game is an exciting example of what NFTs and cryptocurrencies can offer, while encouraging collaboration within a decentralised sector making MES unique. Furthermore, should users collaborate successfully as a team, they will be financially rewarded.



The MES NFT collection will be a set of 8,888 generative 3D NFTs on multiple blockchains. NFTs will be on the following blockchains:


  • 4,444 MES NFT allocation


  • 4,444 MES NFT allocation

NFTs are on different blockchains due to the nature of the MES game. With ownership of MES NFTs, users will receive the following benefits:

Ability to play as the following factions (dependent on NFT purchased)

  • Solos
  • Ethos

Ability to play as the following force (dependent on NFT purchased)

  • Airforce
  • Navy
  • Army

MEST airdrops

  • Airdrops of $MEST tokens to the user’s wallet.
  • Airdrop amounts are dependent on rank of military personnel in NFT.

Automatic launchpad whitelist

  • All NFT holders will be able to deposit capital to projects on the MES launchpad.

Winners drop

  • Monthly airdrop of $MEST tokens to the faction with the most wins.


MES NFTs will vary significantly in rarity. The NFTs will be split 50/50 among the two factions.

In the tables below are the rarity levels for each force.

Figure = Air Force NFT rarity levels
Figure = Army NFT rarity levels
Figure = Navy NFT rarity levels
Figure = Legendary NFT rarity levels

Rare NFT Benefits

The higher rank an NFT a user owns, the larger the $MEST airdrops they will receive. Additionally, the highest ranked NFT user in the game will lead their side’s tactics for the battle against Ethos or Solos.


The MES NFTs present an image of an imposing, three-dimensional military personnel with varying ranks, rotating in front of a range of digital backgrounds. Aiming to recreate classical video-game artwork of the mid-late 2000’s, the image creates the same formal-rigidity of military personnel in real life, thus transporting the viewer to the centre of a fictional war scenario.

MES Roadmap

1 — Tokugawa:

  • MES NFT Whitelist open
  • Whitepaper Release
  • MES NFT Minting live
  • Public $MEST IDO Sale Begins
  • Lock and Load
  • NFT Airdrops
  • Coingecko Listing
  • CoinmarketCap Listing

2 — Boudicca:

  • $MEST Token Wrapping
  • DAO Release
  • Official $MEST Liquidity DEX Pools
  • Listing on Centralised Exchanges
  • Project Audit
  • Official $MEST Farms Release

3 — Attilia:

  • Veteran Launchpad Release
  • Initial Game ‘beta’ Release
  • IRL Community Meetups

∞ — Caesar:

  • Full Game Release
  • Roadmap targets set by community / DAO


Matthew Hutchings — (MD) IT Director

12 years’ experience with Front-End and Back-End and Unreal Engine development.

Jordan Morton — (MD) Utilities Director

Customer management expert with 10 years’ experience.

Omar Chaudhary — Non-Exec Director

Technology advisor & investor with 20+ years’ experience of technical delivery.

David Evans — Marketing & Community

20+ years’ experience Digital Marketing and 3+ years in blockchain.

Peter Parsons — Project Manager

30+ years’ software development, sales, marketing.

Jacob Grant — Lead Graphic Developer

10 years’ experience as a 3D motion graphic artist.

Mike Stacey — Graphic Developer

10 years’ experience as a 3D motion/film graphic artist.

Surendra Gupta — Blockchain Developer

14 years software engineering.

Ichiro Daichi — Blockchain Developer Solana

5 years’ experience in software engineering.

Nicholas Roe — UE5 Game Developer

6 years’ experience in game development.

Jesse Miguel Cruz — 3D/2D artist

4 years’ experience in 3D / 2D graphic art.

Lewis Cawrey — Marketing

2 years marketing experience.

Bryony Frewer — Marketing

5 years social marketing experience.

Lauren Meakin — Marketing

2 years’ experience marketing experience.

Marcellus Roberts — Lead Military Consultant

20+ years within the MOD, equivalent rank of Lt Colonel.

Andy Ridewood — 2IC Military Consultant

22+ years within the British Army, retired Warrant Officer.


MES is a decentralised, community driven project, led by those within the MES community. With NFTs, the MES game, native launchpad, and $MEST, we believe that MES has the potential to become a major success, spreading positivity across our community, including those who have served / serving for their country.